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In our Frequently Asked Questions we answer the questions that reach us the most. Very often you will find a solution to your issue by reading this FAQ. Simply select the category your question falls under and look for an answer.

If you cannot find an answer in this FAQ, you can contact us directly with the form found in the last entry. Please enter a valid email address, so we can reach you with our answer! Please include your player name as well as your Player-ID in your initial message if applicable. You find your Player-ID at the bottom right of the in-game options menu.

Something doesn't work correctly or is strangely displayed

Many problems can be solved by restarting the game. Close the app with the task manager and restart the game by tapping on the "EMOP" icon.
Should the problem persist try restarting your device and then open EMERGENCY OPERATOR again.

If you still have issues check the other entries in this FAQ or use the contact link below to get in touch with our customer support.

How do I earn blue/green/yellow/red certificates?

Certificates can be directly purchesed in the shop for EMeralds. There is also a small chance of earning a certificate by completing emergencies. This chance increases depending on your "Priority Challenge" level.

Other ways to earn certificates are:
  • Daily and weekly league rewards.
  • Daily login bonus rewards.
  • Achievements rewards.

How to get EMeralds?

EMeralds can be directly purchased in the shop. Rewards can also be earned by:
  • Completing emergencies with a high enough "Priority Challenge" level.
  • Hotspot completion rewards.
  • Daily login bonus rewards.
  • Achievements rewards.

I bought something and didn't receive it!

Sometimes it can take a little longer for you to receive your purchased times. We recommend waiting and checking again after a few minutes.
If you haven't received your items within 24h please contact Google Play or Apple's App Store for a refund.

How does the Priority Challenge system work?

The "Priority Challenge" is a time limited event in which you can complete priority emergencies (marked with "!") to progress.

The better your progress is the better your emergency rewards will become, including:

  • Increased chances of receiving more coins
  • Increased chances of receiving EMeralds
  • Increased chances of receiving Blue-, green-, yellow- and red certificates

How do I get advanced units?

Upgrade your buildings to unlock advanced units for the respective department.

To see exactly what the requirements are for each unit check the units tab in the shop.

How can I upgrade buildings and units - and what are the benefits?

Both can be upgraded via the ingame shop
The upgrade affects all existing and future buildings/units of the corresponding type.

Building Upgrades

  • Grants one additional parking space for per level.
  • Unlocks new units at certain levels

Unit Upgrades
  • Increase movement speed
  • Increase efficiency (speed) of solving emergencies

Can I relocate my buildings?

Yes, follow these steps to move your buildings:

  1. Tap on the building you wish to move
  2. Tap on the cog wheel and select "relocate"
  3. Confirm you wish to relocate your building
  4. The building is removed from the map and placed in your inventory
  5. With nothing else selected, tap on the building in your inventory (bottom right corner)
  6. Now tap on the map where you wish to place your building
  7. Tap the green checkmark button at the bottom of the screen to confirm
Please note: To place building outside of the active area you will need to pay 5000 coins.

Can I relocate my units?

Yes. Select the unit you wish to transfer and tap on the building you wish to transfer to. The unit will then move to the new building if a parking spot is available. Only works with units and buildings of the same department.

How do leagues work?

A league is a competition between you and other players in your region over a period of time (daily and weekly).
All players take part on leagues automatically and each emergency solved awards you with league points.
When a league ends the top3 players receive special rewards and move up a rank while the lowest performing players move a rank down.

In addition there are daily and weekly friends leagues which are just for fun and do not grant any rewards.

How do I manage my friends list?

Add a friend:

  • Find the player you wish to add on the league leaderboards and tap the "add friend" button.

Remove a friend:
  • Find the player you wish to remove on the friends league and tap the "remove friend" button.

I don't like how my avatar looks!

Tap on your avatar to open the profile then tap on your avatar again to open the avatar editor. You can now change how you look.

Additional haircuts, clothing and backgrounds can be bought in the shop.

Special avatar options can be unlocked by completing certain achievements!

Why does the game need to know my device location?

We only use your location once at the start of the game to set your initial position in the world. We don't use it for anything else.

Why does the game want to send me notifications?

This is only used to send game-relevant notifications.

What happens when I close the game?

Emergencies and units "freeze" in time while you are away, when you return to the game you continue where you left.

The construction and upgrading of buildings and units will continue even if you close the game.

I want to change my player name (callsign)!

Tap on your avatar to open your profile then tap on the edit button (pencil) and select "change nickname".

How can I link my account to Google?

If you want to transfer or restore your account to another device, you can link your account to a Google account, for example, in Options under Other > Player Account.

How can I change the appearance of my map?

First open the menu via the icon with the three dashes at the top of your screen.

Now look for “Map style” under settings.

Select the option you like best.

Other issues